Improving Business Performance
Ill defined business and work processes, create obstacles in:

  • How we manage our business functions
  • How we manage our work
  • How we manage business assets

Mentisys and its partners provide solutions and tools that help organizations manage all aspects of their business from managing finances to day-to-day tasks performed by people throughout the business. We expertly assist businesses in all sectors from online gaming platforms through to enterprise level real world businesses.

The way we should work
Solutions that incorporate governance policies and processes with workflow processes to help organizations drive their business to meet the corporate objectives.

Model-Driven Development
Business managers are measured by key business metrics that drive the profitability and effectiveness of the corporation. Shouldn’t our software do the same for us?

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Process Oriented Business Applications
Align your business solutions and applications to drive your business goals and objectives by incorporating business governence processes and policies into your application.

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“Mentisys ProcessOne RADD helped us reduce development time and expense by a factor of
eight to one. The ProcessOne BPM platform enabled our team to quickly deliver a mission-critical, process-oriented application. ”

– Director of Development
Fortune 50 Financial Institution

Mentisys ProcessOne BAM helps you manage your business effectively by managing business exceptions.

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