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Who is Mentisys?

What do Mentisys products do for me?
How do Mentisys products work with my
existing business systems
Can I use Mentisys products if I don't want to
develop my own applications?

Can Mentisys products help me with my Six
Sigma and Balanced Scorecard initiatives?

What is ProcessOne BPM?

What is a Mentisys BAM Suite?
What is WorkProcess Engine?
What is Dynamic Visual Intelligence?

Who is Mentisys?
For complex, global enterprises Mentisys provides enterprise-class business process and visualization technologies and solutions. Its flagship solution, Mentisys ProcessOne, helps organizations streamline operations, improve strategic flexibility and reduce costs. Unlike typical solutions that force a new application into the organization, a ProcessOne-based solution begins by first automating and linking existing processes. Once existing processes are automated, Mentisys ProcessOne helps organizations to pinpoint bottlenecks, resource drains and workflow discontinuities that can now be systematically modified and improved. This approach speeds implementation cycles allowing rapid ROI generation, strategic flexibility and tactical certainty. It gets the organization and the silos working together toward common corporate objectives - the way they should work.

What can Mentisys products do for me?
Mentisys products enable your organization to establish corporate goals and then measure your progress towards those goals. By providing you with real-time operational information in the appropriate business context, you can make the right decisions and improve your business performance.

How do Mentisys products work with my existing business systems?
Using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) integration based on industry standard J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) adapters and Web Services technologies, Mentisys software engines can interact with your legacy systems, integrating them into your business processes and visualizations. In this way Mentisys helps protect your investment in your current business applications.

Can I use Mentisys products if I don't want to develop my own applications?
Yes. Mentisys Professional Services team or Mentisys partners can work with you to develop a solution for you based on our technologies.

What is a Mentisys BAM Suite?
A Mentisys BAM Suite based on the Mentisys BPI platform, integrates operational workflow with analytic workflow to provide context sensitive, task focused information to facilitate decision making.

What is WorkProcess Engine?
Mentisys WorkProcess Engine is a Business Process Management (BPM) software component for building and executing Business Process oriented solutions. It is model driven and helps you define, refine, and control your processes. Mentisys WorkProcess Engine seamlessly integrates the manual and automated tasks that make up complex business processes. It can integrate people, business applications, and machines, notifying you of problems and letting you intervene when corrective action is required.

What is ProcessOne BPM?
Mentisys ProcessOne Business Process Management (BPM) is a proven software platform for rapidly developing and deploying enterprise class process-oriented applications to improve the efficiency, productivity and speed of your business operations.

What is Dynamic Visual Intelligence?
Dynamic Visual Intelligence combines aspects of Business Intelligence and Business Visualization, manipulating and analyzing large amounts of data through interactive graphics and imaging. It helps you quickly analyze historical and real time data through an intuitive storyboard metaphor of your business operations. It accommodates abstract concepts and information that can't be stored in a database. It is also interactive allowing you to interact dynamically with your business systems through the visualization metaphor.

Dynamic Visual Intelligence exploits the power of the human eye and mind to discern meaning, relationships, and implications of information almost instantly. It is a fast and efficient alternative to interpreting volumes of raw data communicating information through written reports.

Can Mentisys products help me with my Six Sigma and Balanced Scorecard initiatives?
Mentisys model based enterprise software platforms first provide data gathering and business visibility capabilities crucial to understanding your business. Once process bottlenecks or resource imbalances are uncovered, ProcessOnes’s flexible, model-based architecture allows you to quickly improve your processes to improve the execution of your business processes. Through the Mentisys Dynamic Visual Intelligence you can view your business operations in the context of your business objectives to support your management team in meeting your balanced scorecard objectives.