ProcessOne Risk Management/Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Mentisys ProcessOne Risk Management /Anti-Money Laundering (AML) allows financial institutions to develop an online solution that enables them consistent and comprehensive access to information about the relationships of entities with a given financial institution, and the capability to use this information in managing the risk vulnerabilities due to money laundering, fraud, security and regulatory requirements’ violation threat events. ProcessOne AML supports an internal model of the risk profile of the financial institution including business model, products, organization model, and transactions model. This information is used in assessing financial transactions with respect to exposure to risk vulnerabilities that may lead to a regulatory compliance violation, and mitigation plan to resolve the problem. ProcessOne AML provides a service-based interface for users to define and maintain risk models including vulnerability measures and mitigation plans to ensure compliance to regulatory and organization policies.

ProcessOne AML supports a task-oriented, role-based approach to deliver information to the right task worker or manager at the right time. This dramatically reduces information overload and improves their ability to quickly assimilate large amounts of critical information. Visualization is a key element in assisting the compliance officer in spotting anomalies and monitoring trends. The reports and dashboards component provides a real time, hierarchical visualization of dynamic changes in the business risk and compliance exposure. It provides users cognitive support to quickly discern deviations from “normal” patterns of behavior and it enables users to begin the corrective action process

Deliver timely, task-focused information to decision makers
ProcessOne AML presents operational information to decision makers based on a process model of your operations and business. This task-focused approach allows information to be filtered and consolidated based on its relevance in supporting a specific operational process. Workers and managers receive information helping them to make the right decisions at the right time. The powerful data presentation capabilities of, ProcessOne AML dashboard virtually eliminates the potential for information overload, and improves workers’ and managers’ effectiveness.

Streamline business decision making through superior visibility and insight
The ProcessOne AML Interactive Visual Workbench (Dashboard) delivers information to the right decision makers at the right time to streamline the speed of your business decisions. The delivered information is specific to the specific business situation helping you to quickly understand the business conditions in real time. The ProcessOne AML Interactive Visual Workbench enables you to react and control evolving situations so that you can accelerate the speed of your business.

Service-Oriented Integration Middleware
ProcessOne AML supports an SOA based integration middleware, which allows the solution to easily integrate with eternal systems that act as providers of data, function or process services. It is a consumer of data from sources such as RDC, Choice Point, or Dun & Bradstreet.