Mentisys Solutions

With Mentisys ProcessOne based business performance management solutions you can visualize, monitor and control business operations focusing on key performance metrics and indicators that drive your business. ProcessOne powered solutions give you the power to see what is and what isn’t working in your business modeled against what really matters. Mentisys ProcessOne solutions are built on four key drivers namely business focused, process oriented, model-driven, and service-oriented.

ProcessOne Telecom™ provides circuit asset management solution for managing the entire lifecycle of all voice and data services assets. The solution helps you coordinate interaction with your telco vendors, and provides the capability to integrate your asset ordering and inventory systems with the telecom service providers’ ordering and provisioning systems. ProcessOne Telecom™ simplifies the complex process of managing your communications assets, providing high level as well as detailed management overview while reducing costs and increasing strategic flexibility.

ProcessOne Risk Management/Anti-Money Laundering solution provides the services to manage the risk vulnerabilities of your financial institution to threat events such as suspicious financial transactions that may lead to losses including the organization’s reputation and fines. It enables you to bring the global corporate risk monitoring and review processes inline with business unit level risk management activities by integrating the processes across the organization and providing a shared service risk model of the organization’s risk profile.

Mentisys continues to bring state of the art process-oriented applications to market that provide significant value to your business. Because of the power of these applications, hundreds of millions of dollars have been saved, corporations have become significantly more flexible and risk exposure has been greatly reduced.