ProcessOne Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

Mentisys ProcessOne Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) provides business performance management software to support complex, organizational decision-making processes. By tying together complex, cross-departmental, cross vendor, and customer-centric processes into a set of related and collaborating processes it yields a cohesive workflow to ensure that organizational objectives can be met and that they support the overarching goals of your business.

The Mentisys ProcessOne BAM is a distributed J2EE platform that is comprised of the following core components.

  • ProcessOne WorkProcess Engine
  • Analytics Engine
  • Business Visualization Engine
  • Business Dashboard

ProcessOne BAM has been proven in many performance management applications to allow quick and cost effective deployment. It provides the required services to create a model of your business in terms of business metrics, business processes, organizational structure, organizational relationships and workflow resource assignment models. These models provide the context for analysis and interpretation of data allowing you to quickly analyze key performance measures and their true business impact. The interactive dashboard provides information presented in a visually meaningful and intuitive way allowing you to act on alerts and events caused by business or exception conditions.

Mentisys ProcessOne BAM is a critical corporate technology suite providing a flexible, model-driven platform for developing performance management solutions to solve complex, process-related business problems at low cost and on short order. With ProcessOne BAM you can …

Remove inefficiencies in real-time decision making
ProcessOne BAM provides the decision support tools and framework necessary to allow you to quickly identify operational bottlenecks and resolve the root cause of the problem in real time.

Enable informed decisions in the context of your business goals
Making critical decisions requires information to be presented within the right context, and must include the incorporation of historical data, current conditions, and information from various systems across and potentially outside the enterprise. ProcessOne BAM can incorporate an almost unlimited amount of data into your decision making process by organizing and interpreting the data within the framework of your business and analysis models. It then presents the information in an intuitive manner within the relevant business context for informed decision making. Decisions at all levels within the organization can now be made in the context of corporate business objectives.

Monitor key performance indicators to measure and assess performance improvement
In order to sustain competitive advantage and operational excellence, you need to continually measure actual performance against planned performance. The Mentisys ProcessOne BAM platform allows you to deliver process oriented applications capturing the right information to achieve peak operational performance and planned operational efficiency and effectiveness.
With the management capabilities and the flexibility built into the ProcessOne BAM platform you can further enhance your operations by quickly identifying operational areas of improvement allowing support of continuous improvement initiatives.