ProcessOne Business Process Management (BPM)

Mentisys ProcessOne Business Process Management (BPM) is a proven software platform for rapidly developing and deploying enterprise class process-oriented applications to improve the efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of your business operations.

ProcessOne BPM is a distributed business process management engine based on J2EE service oriented technology. It is comprised of the following service components:

  • Process Management Engine
  • Resource Management Engine
  • Scheduler
  • Administrative Console and Dashboard

Mentisys ProcessOne BPM provides a sophisticated process modeling tool to speed delivery of process oriented solutions. Proven with the deployment of many complex global applications, with Mentisys ProcessOne BPM you can ...

Better control of your core business processes
Mentisys ProcessOne BPM allows you to automate your business processes making them more manageable, eliminating unnecessary delays and preventing critical business activities from falling through the cracks.

Improved business resource collaboration
Through its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Mentisys ProcessOne BPM orchestrates the secure workflow resource collaboration of business functions and resources between departments and outside partners. Outside partners can include vendors, partners customers and others to provide a comprehensive enterprise class solution.

Flexibility in adapting to change
Mentisys ProcessOne BPM is based on a model-driven architecture allowing fast deployment and the maximum of flexibility of process oriented applications. With this model-driven architecture you can easily change or update the implementation of core business processes without changing application code. As your business situation dictates the flexibility inherent in Mentisys ProcessOne BPM allows you to deliver peak, competitive and strategic advantage.

Reduced cost of operations
Because ProcessOne based solutions are oriented around business processes and business objectives, enormous cost efficiencies are possible. Not only does the organization benefit from the enhanced collaboration and reduced cost of operations, but decision making is greatly improved. With Mentisys ProcessOne BPM you can now ensure that decisions are made in a timely fashion and in the context of corporate objectives at all levels within the organization. Through improved decision making further operational cost savings are achievable.