Mentisys Technology

With Mentisys ProcessOne technology you have the power to build applications that enable you to see what is and what isn’t working modeled against what really matters. Mentisys ProcessOne technology is comprised of a number of key application suites to allow you to quickly build key business focused, process oriented, model-driven enterprise applications:

ProcessOne Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
Mentisys ProcessOne Business Activity Monitoring provides business management services that are can be used to build systems that manage your business performance against business objectives. Unique to these kinds of applications, ProcessOne BAM provides a model-driven approach to the execution of business performance metrics management applications and supports a business performance dashboard built on the ProcessOne BVE.

ProcessOne Business Process Management (BPM)

Mentisys ProcessOne Business Process Management manages your operations, scheduling business tasks and resources for integrated control and execution. As with all ProcessOne technology components, ProcessOne BPM allows rapid development and deployment of enterprise class, process-oriented applications driving improved efficiency, productivity and speed of your business operations.

ProcessOne Rapid Application Design and Development (RADD)
Mentisys ProcessOne RADD provides a tools suite based on the Mentisys Domain Model Maker, enabling the effective analysis, design and development of model-based, process-oriented applications for complex, global enterprises. The ProcessOne domain modeling technique incorporates your process-oriented business model, organization model, and information model allowing the efficient and effective analysis of business requirements and their transformation into functional requirements. Once your business requirements have been transformed into functional requirements they are directly implemented on the ProcessOne BPM platform.